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Color Diffusing Bugs

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Bright and beautiful Color Diffusing Bugs are the perfect activity for painting outdoors or learning about nature. 

Simply amazing Color Diffusing technology allows you to create easy masterpieces with watercolors! Our R24905 Color Diffusing Bugs are a great introduction to Color Diffusing Paper if you’ve never used it before. The special absorbent papers are printed with cute images of bugs–butterflies, ladybugs, beetles, dragonflies, bees and more!

Place a sheet into a paint tray. Mix up a few watercolors and drip them onto the sheets with pipettes such as these ones! The watercolors will spread outwards from where they were dropped to create an interesting blended, tie-dye effect when dry.

This is a great activity to perform outdoors because the sun will dry up the watercolors almost instantly. Here are some ideas on what to do with your bugs after they are dry:

• Tape the bugs to a window. When the sun hits the window, the paper will illuminate like a stained glass piece!

• Tape the bugs to a length of string and hang it up as a garland.

• Decorate your spring or summer wall with the bugs.


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