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3D Craft Circle Flower

3D flower finisged craft.jpg

These beautiful flowers will flutter in the breeze!

Age: 3+

Duration: 7-10 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Explore early paper sculpting. Create beautiful take-home artwork.

You’ll Need:


  1. Choose six of your favorite craft circles and fold them in half. The colored side should be on the outside.
  2. Arrange the half circles in a full circle on your sheet of paper.
  3. Using a glue stick, apply glue to ONE HALF of the folded circles.
  4. Glue the folded circles to the sheet of paper in a circle configuration. You want the top halves to be loose and fluttery, so make sure you don’t overlap the circles.
  5. Add a stem and leaves with a washable marker.

The results are beautiful artwork that is perfectly fridge-worthy!


  • Tape our tissue circles to the inside of your folded circles to add a pop of color!
  • Add an emotional component to the activity. Challenge students to draw six different emotions on the white side of the craft circles before you fold and glue them. Your flower will show a range of different feelings!


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