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Year-Round Learning: The Best Ways To Keep Learning All Summer Long

We know how hard it is to keep kids learning and entertained over the summer. And, we know that learning is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word “summer”, but we want to challenge that. Year-round learning is both fun and highly beneficial.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of learning during the summer:

  • Helps individuals stay motivated
  • Assists in avoiding bordem
  • Grants opportunities to gain confidence
    • Ability to learn on a flexible schedule

These products are perfect to keep kids learning, while having fun this summer:

Geo Creatures:

Inspire problem-solving in a fun and engaging way with Geo Creatures. Geo Creatures are fun, colorful shapes that allow kids the opportunity to make some of their favorite animals in their habitats by matching the angles of the shapes to the dimensions of the creature on the habitat card.

Super Topplers:

Super Topplers will become kids’ new best friends this summer, while simultaneously teaching them how to sort, count, and even create chain reactions! These cute, colorful, Topplers come with 18 domino cards to keep kids innovating all summer long.

Tubes and Connectors:

These tubes fit perfectly into the connectors to allow young ones to build the creation of their dreams. The kit includes a play guide with 18 cards to help gradually increase the difficulty of each build, therefore enhancing engineering and fine motor skills. Or, kids can start building without the cards to help further their open-ended creativity and understanding of how structures work together to support one another. The possibilities are endless!

Felt Architect:

These soft, felt pieces fit wonderfully together to give kids the opportunity to build the world of their dreams. With this, kids can become architects and develop free thinking. Imagination doesn’t have to take time off just because school does!

We hope we have helped you see the value of continued learning throughout the summer. With these tools on hand, kids can continue to grow into their best selves all year long.