Wax-Resist Leaf Art

finished craft

This beautiful artwork mixes science and nature to produce something beautiful!

Age: 4+

Duration: 10 minutes (not including drying time)

Learning Outcomes: Explore color diffusion, wax resist, and practice fine motor skills.

You’ll Need:


Start by choosing your favorite leaf stencil, a fun frame, some watercolor colors, and grab a sheet of color diffusing paper!

step 1

The leaf stencils are small, so I like to use just 1/4 of a sheet per wax-resist project. Start by cutting your sheet of color diffusing paper into four.

step 2

Next, place your rubbing plate underneath your quarter sheet of paper, and rub with the long side of a crayon.

step 3

For the next step, remove the rubbing plate, and make sure your color diffusing paper is on a tray. Using the pipettes, sprinkle liquid watercolor over your sheet. Then let the sheet dry. For more ideas about color diffusing paper projects, click any of these links. For an explanation as to why this works, check out this post!

While the sheet is drying, decorate your frame!

When your frame is ready and your wax-resist rubbing dry, tape your rubbing to the back of your frame to complete this beautiful art!

step 8

This craft will ONLY work with crayons, because wax is water-resistant, and will show up even after the paper has been saturated with watercolor paint. Don’t worry if when you make this craft your crayon appears to disappear when you add the liquid watercolor. It will reappear as the paint dries!


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Snowflake Wax Resist Art

Roylco Snowflake Wax Resist Art

Feature-Image-rubplatesnowflakesLearn the technique for making beautiful wax resist art–give your students something to work on as they return to their school routine after the holidays, and help them create an art piece that they can be proud of!

Age: 3+

Duration: 15 minutes

You’ll Need:

R58622 Super Snowflake Stencils

• Paper towel

• White crayon

• Blue watercolor paint

• White paper (8.5 x 11″)

• Paint tray


We’ve done it! Days of experimentation, combining a multitude of products and materials, testing this paint versus that crayon…. and here we are! Use our Snowflake Rubbing Plates to make simple but beautiful wax resist art. Decorate your classroom during the winter months with your students’ projects!

2013-12-12-snowflakerubplates01The paint tray is essential for keeping work-spaces clean while spreading paint onto the paper.

2013-12-12-snowflakerubplates02Place one of the Snowflake Rubbing Plates underneath the white paper. Tip: Tape the edges of the Snowflake Rubbing Plate to the paint tray to keep it from moving about. This will be important for the next step.

2013-12-12-snowflakerubplates03Rub the white crayon across the surface of the paper. Make sure the rubbing plate stays in one spot while you rub the page with the crayon.2013-12-12-snowflakerubplates06

Tear one sheet of paper towel and fold it into a square. Dip a corner of the square into the blue watercolor paint. Next, dab the dipped corner onto the white crayon rubbing. Spread the paint outwards from the center. You will start to notice the crayon rubbing “pop” out from the paint color.


Make additional crayon rubbings at various angles on the white paper. Use different Snowflake Rubbing Plates or vary the position of the snowflakes.


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