Spotlight on… Super Value Favorite Sponge Shapes

sponge painting shapes

Sponge painting is a quintessential part of early education art projects! The kit features familiar shapes from triangles, circles and squares to animals, buildings, vehicles and more. 

The R55005 Super Value Favorite Sponges Shapes are cut from a thick blue sponge with bubbles in the material to add texture to your prints. Dip the sponge into a bowl of thick tempera paint or fingerpaint! Make sure you keep the sponge flat down against the paint so that it completely covers the bottom surface of the sponge.

Bristol paper, poster board or fingerpaint paper are great mediums for stamping the various shapes as they will absorb the paint without warping too much. Encourage your students to stamp repeatedly on the same sheet of paper. Perhaps they can tell a story through their stamped art! To assist your students’ thought processes, ask your students about the different shapes.

Draw a background onto your stamping sheet and use that as your starting point for illustrating your artful scene!

Below, we show you how to use our shape sponges for making beautiful prints!


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