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Specially designed socks are bundles of fun and the perfect size for easy yet wonderful craft projects. Learn how to make a sock puppet puppy, a cuddly octopus, a cool snowman, a plush bunny, a caterpillar, animal track slippers, a warming bean bag and colorful fish in our future blog posts on Sockles! Use the guide to help students pick a favorite activity and create their own unique sock project.

Sock projects are perfect for engaging students’ creativity and inspiring new project ideas! Hand out a variety of collage materials that you have available in your craft closet. Provide the materials in plastic bowls to make it easier for students to gather and apply the materials to their sock projects.

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Before you decorate your Sockles with collage materials, decide if you want to paint them. Make your Sockles colorful! Tip: Paint your Sockles with thicker paint such as tempera. Note: Watercolor paint does not color as well as thick paint. To paint the Sockles evenly, clip one end of the Sockles tight to cardboard and paint the rest of the Sockles with a paint brush or foam brush. Turn the Sockles over and paint the second side. Wait one day for the Sockles to dry. Once the paint is dry, use glitter glue to draw swirls, dots, lines and other decorative elements onto the Sockles.

Alternatively, use markers to make details on the Sockles. Draw faces or patterned details onto the Sockle plush toys! Fill the inside with rice, beans or sand about halfway to three-quarters inside the Sockles. Tie off the open end of the Sockles with an elastic band or sew the opening shut with a safe sewing needle and thread.

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Follow the detailed instructional guide to make puppets, animals, hand covers, plush toys and more! The project ideas can be adapted with whatever collage materials you have in your craft closet.

Combine project ideas together with innovative materials to make creative craft projects! Stay tuned for a series of projects coming up that use our Sockles…


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Spotlight on… Sockles Accessory Kit


Personalize your own sock puppet buddy with the R22008 Sockles Accessory Kit!


The kit includes everything you need to make your sock puppets, including stiffeners for the sock interior, Plastic Lacing Needles (super safe for kids!), buttons for eyes and noses and felt cutouts for tongues, hair and ears. You can use the R22004 Sockles or any unused socks to make your sock puppets!

Place your hand inside the sock puppet and mark the points where you would like to sew on the details such as the nose, eyes and ears.


Slide the stiffener inside the sock. This will help keep the sock taut while you sew on the details.


Now to pick your accessories! There are an assortment of button and felt shapes and sizes with either two or four holes to allow for easy sewing.


Here an art camper demonstrates how to sew a button onto the Sockle. Tie a knot at one end and feed inside the Sockle so the knot prevents the thread from sliding through completely. Pop the tip of the needle through the marker dot and pull the thread through.


Pull the needle through one hole in the selected button. Loop over and push down through the second hole.


Make sure you pull the thread all the way through to make it nice and tight!


You can layer the different accessories onto each other. Line up the holes to make the sewing seamless.


Don’t forget to sew on your sock puppet’s floppy tongue!


Once you are all done, put on a talent show. Who can tell the funniest jokes or sing with their puppet friend?


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