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Craft Spotlight: Heart Mosaics

Available in a multitude of colors, sizes and designs, these Heart Mosaics will give your students’ projects a ‘lovely’ pop of personality! Watch a video at the cut to see the leafy tree art project we made with the Heart Mosaics! Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we’ve got several projects using the R15367… View more

Ten in the Bed!

Turn a classic children’s song into a storytime activity with our Animal Buttons and a few craft materials! Your students will love the interactive quality of the game. Choose from a variety of different templates below to help you make your own Ten in a Bed! Age: 3-5 Duration: 10 minutes You’ll Need: • R2040 Animal… View more

Craft Spotlight: Animal Silhouettes

Make your own garden safari with our Animal Silhouettes! Animal Silhouettes feature stylish animal designs, and special glossy and matte sides to allow students to experiment with their coloring using different materials. Check out more of our Art Camp photos below! Students can learn how to draw various graphical patterns and designs on the intriguing… View more

Craft Spotlight: Remembrance Day Poppies

Craft Spotlight: Remembrance Day Poppies

As November 11 is fast-approaching, we recognize the importance of remembering and the bravery of veteran heroes around the world on Remembrance Day. Show your classroom’s appreciation with a beautiful classroom wreath! The R42005 Remembrance Day Wreath provides you with enough materials for every student to make at least 1 poppy. The kit features pre-cut… View more