Ms. Johnston’s class makes our Tessellations!

Today we get to show off more Tessellations fun with art projects from Ms. Johnston’s class! 

This post, titled “Tessellations are so fun!” was published on May 9th, 2012 and was posted on Mrs. Johnston’s Blog: Adventures in Fifth Grade. Click here to visit the link!

Our R5863 Animal Tessellations are a hit in classrooms! These beautiful animal patterns can be combined to create repeated patterned shapes, known as tessellations.

Great for inter-subject learning! Combine math and art together to foster enjoyable learning for your students. Teach your students about mathematical tessellations using the guide provided.

View the complete R5863 Animal Tessellations PDF guide here!

Tracing the Tessellations designs are a great way to encourage critical thinking skills in patterning and symmetry designs. Tessellations are all about repeating patterns. First, trace the outline of your chosen design onto a sheet of paper.


Remove the design, then find common lines to re-position your template on. Trace a second design right beside the first using these common designs.

Later, once you are finished filling your sheet of paper with Tessellations designs, color the designs in!


Thanks to Ms. Johnston for sharing her students’ work!

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