Spotlight On: Measuring Rockets!

25070 Rocket Pile that is coloured 2 small version

Take a deep breath and power your rocket straight to the moon!


Decorate and launch beautiful straw rockets! The four different wing designs are printed on sturdy cardstock and measure up to 4 x 5” (10 x 13 cm).We have included two different straws. Use the wider straw as a base for your rocket. Use the narrow straw as a rocket launcher. Pop out a wing design and decorate with colored pencil, crayon or marker before sliding the wings onto the large straw! We have included optional mouth pieces to decorate. Simply slide these over one end of the smaller straw. Thread the larger rocket straw over the smaller launcher straw and you are ready for the count down!

35070 Measuring Rockets boy

Challenge students to experiment with different engineering plans for their rockets. Play with folding wing tips and flaps and experiment with the placement of the wings on the straw. When students successfully launch their rocket and measure the distance they have traveled, give them a unique certificate. Print off the certificates Here!

kids measuring as a group.jpg

Evaluate your fleet of rockets! After launching your rockets, measure the distance they travel. Repeat this activity and average the results. Continue developing math skills by charting the results. Challenge your students to make different types of graphs and charts. What does a distance pie chart look like? How about a distance bar graph?


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