Word Mobile

word mobiles

Inspire learning through literacy! Just in time for this month’s Literacy Day, we’re celebrating the power of words with our Word Mobile!

Age: 5+

Duration: 20-30 minutes assembly, 1-2 hours drying time (or overnight)

Learning Objectives: Learn letter recognition through coloring in die-cut letters. Explore word and letter games. Infuse art into literacy through painting and letter design. Create neat typographic patterns, colors and effects with letters.

word mobiles

You’ll Need:

R51302 Nature Mobile Maker

R49702 Stand Up Letters

• Markers

• Scissors

• Paint

• String

• Hole punch

• Paint brush

• Paint tray


word mobile

To start, pop out the Nature Mobile Maker from its card backing and place inside of a paint tray. Choose a bit of brown tempera paint to color in the branches of the nature-themed mobile. Make broad, even strokes throughout the length of the winding branch. Go back a second time with some added paint to darken the inside edge of the branch. Use a bit of white or light brown for highlights.

word mobile

To pain the leaves, use green paint. Dab a generous amount across each leaf to cover it completely. Use the flat end of the brush to swipe once across the middle of the leaf. Add vein details! From the middle line, flick the brush outwards diagonally to the opposite edge. This gives the leaves a very real, textured appearance.

Leave the mobile to dry for 1 hour.

word mobile

While you are waiting for the mobile to dry, pop out the Stand Up Letters from their card backings. Use markers to decorate both sides of each Stand Up Letter. Choose an assortment of vowels and consonants, as you can use the mobile for a literacy game that I’ll elaborate on at the end of this post!

word mobile

I’ve patterned the letter L with some pretty polka-dots. Make sure your patterns are bright and colorful so that they appear to catch your eye!

word mobile

Don’t forget to color the opposite side too!

word mobile

Prep your letters for the mobile. Cut each of the letters from their card stands.

word mobile

By this time, our Nature Mobile Maker is finished drying. Let’s assemble the mobile!

word mobile

Punch a hole through the top of each letter. You can position the hole anywhere you like to give the letters a bit of variation as they dangle.

word mobile

Cut varying lengths of string and attach to each letter.

word mobile

To make use of the no-tie mobile feature, push down on the tabs cut into the center of each branch. Slide the top of the string through to the back, then press the tab back up to secure.

word mobile

You want it to look something like this!

word mobile

Hang your mobile up from the ceiling above your students’ desks. As the letters twirl around, they will be easily visible from anywhere in the classroom! Depending on what kinds of letters are combined together you can ask students to do the following literacy exercises:

• Keep things simple for younger students. Ask them to identify which letters are vowels and which are consonants.

• Practice repetitive writing or exploring cursive writing by selecting one or two of the letters and writing them on a sheet of paper.

• Organize the letters to represent the first letter of each student in a group of desks.

• Older students can try to form different combinations of words from the letters attached to the mobile. For instance, the letters in the image above can be used to spell the word “SPACE”!

• Use the letters as starting points for writing acronyms or poems!


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Craft Spotlight: Alphabet Pasting Pieces

Feature-Image-alphapastingpiecesThis week’s Craft Spotlight highlights our Alphabet Pasting Pieces as we get set for literacy activities! Use this literacy tool as an introduction to letter recognition, letter order and to help students construct new words.

The Alphabet Pasting Pieces are small cutouts of letters in different fonts and colors to help students get used to the variable appearance of the alphabet. Add the pasting pieces to any of your scrapbooking projects or use in conjunction with scrap pieces of paper to make interesting collage artwork!


The letters are printed on both sides of the card, so they can also be used for literacy mobiles! In this activity, our crafters used the pasting pieces to spell out their names.

IMG_2347One of the projects they made was a homemade scrapbook from zip-lock bags and decorative paper. The pasting pieces were then used to spell out words such as, “My Book” or “Art Book.” Each zip-lock bag was attached together at one end with a hole punch and pipe cleaner to make it look like a miniature art portfolio!

IMG_2340Use the colorful letters for sorting and counting activities! Give students a handful of the pasting pieces and ask them to sort the letters by vowels or consonants. Then sort by color! Finally, count how many individual pasting pieces are in each pile.

_DSC0073The pasting pieces are a great way to decorate scrapbooks, journals, collage art and more!

Line-09Show us your literacy activities or artwork with photos! Contact us at subscriber@roylco.ca for a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming posts!