Weaving Mat Windsocks

weaving placemat windsock

After you’ve done your spring cleaning, hang up some bright and colorful windsock decorations! 

Age: 3+

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Learning Objectives: Exercise fine motor skills with precise weaving. Make a beautiful windsock craft for summer time using a multi-step process.

weaving placemat windsock

You’ll Need:

R16019 Placemat Weaving Mats

• Hole punch

• Tape

• Yarn

• Scissors


weaving placemat windsock

Each pack of Placemat Weaving Mats come with an assortment of beautiful patterns and designs for the placemats. The placemats will be your base for making the windsocks. Choose the one that will best represent your windsock! The slots are pre-cut for easy weaving.

weaving placemat windsock

Each pack features die-cut patterned strips that can be intertwined with the placemat slots. Weaving the slots should be done in an over-and-under pattern. For each column you complete, be sure to alternate the start of your weaving.

weaving placemat windsock

Here’s what the placemat looks like when it’s all finished and woven!

weaving placemat windsock

You can secure all of the strips down with tape.

weaving placemat windsock

Roll the placemat into a cylinder and secure the edges together with tape.

weaving placemat windsock

Take one of the placemats with the pre-cut weaving slots and cut along the edge on one side. Repeat for the opposite side. This will allow you to easily detach the resulting slots apart to make your own streamers for the windsock. Alternatively, you can use scrapbooking scissors to cut your streamers from tissue paper or decorative paper.

weaving placemat windsock

Tape the individual strips to the inside bottom edge of the windsock.

weaving placemat windsock

Make sure the inside edge is completely filled with streamers.

weaving placemat windsock

Hole punch two holes on either side of the placemat weaving mat cylinder.

weaving placemat windsock

Cut a length of yarn and tie through the holes in the windsock.

weaving placemat windsock

Here’s a beautiful ensemble of Weaving Mat Windsocks hung up in front of a classroom wall! How pretty does that look? Good enough for a summer art display!


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Project Spotlight: 3D Ornaments


Decorate with color this season! Fold up beautiful ornaments with our special designs–use paint, crayons or markers to color in the shapes.

Each of the R51081 3D Ornaments are die-cut into 3 folding designs. This means that when folded, the card ornament transforms into a beautiful arrangement that can be hung from the ceiling or as a part of a giant seasonal mobile.


This photo was taken in Simply Wonderful Toys in Guelph, Ontario. They decorated the ceiling using our 3D Ornaments! The ornaments were given to children to color and collage while they waited for parents to finish shopping.


Here’s a look at some of the ways you can decorate the ornaments. Use paint or markers to color in alternating sections of the ornament. Splatter paint blobs across the ornament to give your design a retro tie-dye effect. Experiment with different paint techniques to make your ornament stand out!


All finished decorating! Pop out the ornament along the scored lines and fold each layer of the ornament towards opposite sides. Thread some string through the pre-punched hole at the top of the ornament and hang.



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