3D Features Mask

finished craft.jpg

This cheerful mask incorporates paper sculpting to create vivid 3D facial features! Use as part of a costume or as colorful wall art!

Age: 5+

Duration: 30 minutes (plus drying time)

Learning Outcomes: Practice sculpting with paper. Explore new art techniques. Exercise fine motor skills. Talk about what masks represent for various world cultures.

You’ll Need:

  • R52010 African masks
  • R2172 Tissue Circles
  • Sculpting paper (we used white printer paper, but you can experiment with newsprint or construction paper)
  • White glue (mixed with equal parts water)
  • Tape
  • Paintbrush


  1. To start this project, mix equal parts white glue and water in a small dish.
  2. Tape the V’s at the top and bottom of the mask together. This will make a convex mask, and prevent the tissue “skin” from tearing. If you use this technique on a flat mask, the glue and tissue will crack when you transform the mask to 3 dimensions.
  3. Challenge kids to crumple, bend and twist paper in order to sculpt their mask’s facial features. Tape each facial feature securely in place.
  4. Using your paint brush, spread your glue and water mix over your mask. Carefully lay tissues circles on the mask, and laminate them in place with more of your glue and water mixture. The tissue will absorb the moisture and mold itself to the contours of the facial features. If necessary, tear the tissue circles into different shapes to cover smaller areas.
  5. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly!
  6. Trim off any excess tissue paper.
  7. Use chenille stems to secure your mask to your head, or to hang it on the wall!

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Paper Sculpted Lion Mask

finished craft.jpg

These easy paper sculpting techniques create a beautiful 3D effect on any basic mask! 

Age: 5+

Duration: 20 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice precision scissor skills! Explore the tensile strength and elasticity of paper. Learn how different textures create different looks!

You’ll Need:


  1. Select your mask. We chose a lion mask for this project. Then we colored in the mane and snout with crayons while the mask was flat.
  2. Fold, crease, overlap and tape your mask so it is 3D! It is much easier to fold your mask up BEFORE you add the paper elements than trying to fold it up after.
  3. Cut strips out of your construction paper to form the lion’s mane. Strips that are approximately 4″ long worked best for the mane.
  4. Once all your strips are cut, gently roll each strip up, then let it relax.
  5. Tape your mane curls to the mask. We taped them in three rows, starting with the outermost row and working inward.
  6. Next, cut strips for the facial fur. We started with long strips and measured each strip against the section of mask we wanted to cover. Once each strip was the correct length, we cut the strip into a fringe and taped it down. Start from the lowest point that you want the fur fringe to cover and work upwards in layers.
  7. Use chenille stems and the pre-punched holes to secure the mask to your head! These masks are perfect finishing touches for Halloween costumes!


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Life on Seaside Farms uses our True To Life Human X-Rays!

As part of their “Fall Fun” special post, the Life on Seaside Farms II blog posted a photo of their children playing with our R5911 True To Life Human X-Rays! This science product is a great way to introduce younger grades to basic properties of the human body.

Learn about bone arrangements and how the skeleton structures organs and other important tissues! In addition, learn how the skeleton is important for giving shape to our bodies.

The post was made on October 30, 2011 and can be found here at “Fall Fun“!

The blog post features other great ideas for incorporating Halloween thrills into your daily learning schedule! From decorating the front porch with spooky ghost ornaments to raking fall leaves and learning about the human body through vivid x-rays, this post has a great round up of ideas.


Illuminate the details in the R5911 True To Life Human X-Rays by placing the x-rays up against a light source, such as a window or a light table!

Read our guide here for more ideas on activities to do with the True to Life Human X-Rays!

Thanks to Seaside Farms for their post!

Images and original post © Life on Seaside Farms Part II.

This post was not sponsored for a review. At LittleFingersBigArt, our mission is to present to our readers and viewers the newest and most creative craft ideas that fans of Roylco have made on their own. Our goal is to allow you and other educators and parents to reuse our products in fun ways so that children always get the best educational experience from them!

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Spooky Halloween Masks

Image of Roylco Halloween Mask


Don’t stress about what to wear this Halloween… make spooky faces with our R52076 Folding Fun Masks! A bit of paint and our step by step instructions go a long way with these spooktacular masks!

Age: 6+

Duration: 20-30 minutes

You’ll Need:

• R52076 Folding Fun Masks

• Paint

• Paintbrush

• Paint tray (try our R7512 “No Mess” Fingerpaint Tray™!)

• Tape

• Imagination!


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to paint a basic scary face. You can add more details to the basic face illustration or change the color for different dramatic effects. The photo at the end of this post shows some example ideas that you can do with minor changes to the look.


Choose “Halloween” colors for your mask. For this project, I chose deep purple, white and black paint colors.


Lay out the R52076 Folding Fun Mask onto the paint tray and cover it in an even layer of paint.


Switch to black paint. First drag your paint brush along the outside edge of the mask to make a black border. Stop right before the bottom edge of the mask. At the middle of the hairline, paint the point of a triangle facing downwards. Finally, add a slight curl to either side of the mask.


Add an eyebrow line above each eye. Trace out the top edge of each eye with black paint. Drag the point of the brush from the outside corner of each eye to add lashes.


Use white paint to illustrate fangs.


Once the paint on the mask is dry, tape the mask slits together. The edges of each slit overlap to make the mask appear 3D!


Secure the overlapped edges with tape on the underside of the mask.


Ready for spook-tastic fun! Tip: Punch a hole through each side of the mask. Thread through some string or pipe cleaners to help secure the mask while wearing.


Change the base color of the mask to form an entirely new mask! Choose a pale green for another vampire-inspired Halloween mask. You can paint the mask deep green and add straight lines with stitch-like notches for a creepy monster mask. Use a thick brush and a deep brown to create the mummy mask. Just drag the paintbrush across the entire mask at different angles. This will create the effect of woven paper strips. Splotch the brush with deep brown around the eyes.

Scare the socks off your friends with these crazy designs!


Paint a witch-like mask! Show us your techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect witch mask.

Add 3D details! Stitch yarn to the edges of the mask to make hair, or attach thumbtacks to various parts of the mask to make ugly warts. Paint over the thumbtacks with the base color of the face to blend it in.


Send us photos of your work to subscriber@roylco.ca. We would love to feature your project on our next upcoming post!