Mother’s Day Picture Frames

mothers day framesfb

Frame your favorite memory for Mother’s day!

Age: 3+

Duration: 15 minutes (plus drying time)

Learning Objectives: Practice literary skills while spelling out words with letter mosaics. Practice fine motor skills while gluing picture frame elements. Make a beautiful take-home craft.DSC_6521.JPG

You’ll Need: 


Our economy frames come in lots of fun shapes, so you can match the tone of your favorite memory with a fun shaped frame! As a bonus, the centers of the frames pop out and can be decorated to add an element to your frame design. For this project, I’ll use the plain rectangular frame, but you can adapt this activity to any design in the Economy Fun Frames pack.


Our cardboard frames are specially designed to nest inside each other, giving you more value! Simply break apart the frames along the perforations. You have a smaller frame inside for another project, and the solid center shape can be used as a decorative component!DSC_6523

Once you have your frame in front of you, it’s time to decorate! To keep this project fast and neat, I use washable markers to color in the frame, but you can use paint, colored pencils and crayons to decorate your frame.

Once your frame has its base color or colors, grab a pile of Alphabet Pasting Pieces and sort through them. I will need the letters “i,” “m,” and “o” because my frame will spell out “I ♥ Mom.” Feel free to choose your own special message to spell! You can explore different types of lettering styles with interesting colors and designs. Once you have chosen your message, glue the pieces down with a glue stick or white glue.

Now it’s time to create the heart component! I started with a sheet of our color diffusing paper, and cut out a small heart shape. Then I used red liquid watercolor paint to color the heart. Once that was dry, I cut a slightly smaller heart out of a purple tissue circle. Finally, I chose a purple heart button to layer on top of the other two hearts. DSC_6529

To hold everything together, I used one of our plastic lacing needles and some yarn to stitch the layers together. Our flexible needles are easy to thread and classroom-safe! There shouldn’t be any pricked fingers this Mother’s Day. Tie a knot in the yarn on the back side of your heart to secure it. DSC_6530

Once the heart component was put together, I glued it to the corner of the frame. DSC_6532

Once your frame is decorated, print out a copy of mom’s favorite photo, cut it slightly larger than the inside edge of the frame, and glue it in place. This makes a fabulous take-home craft for all of your students, and just in time for Mother’s Day!Frame 01 (facebook version_small)


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Craft Spotlight: Straws and Connectors


Looking for a last-minute kids’ Christmas gift? Stimulate your children’s cognitive abilities with this perfect building kit. In this post, we’ll show you some ideas to make from Straws and Connectors!

The Straws and Connectors come in 4 intriguing packages:

 R60901 Straws and Connectors™ Creative Building Set (390 Straws, 315 Connectors)

 R60990 Straws and Connectors™ Structure Pack (100 Straws, 84 Connectors, 1 Big Blue Veil)

 R6085 Straws and Connectors® (230/pkg)

 R6090 Straws and Connectors® (705/pkg)

You can even order replacement straws (R6084 Replacement Straws) to replenish your classroom supply!


Straws and Connectors come in a brilliant array of colors, so you can use them for sorting projects! Ask children to sort by color and by type–such as separating Straws from Connectors.

You can even introduce angles with the Straws and Connectors! Even though it seems like a tough subject to teach, using actual concrete objects helps to reinforce certain concepts in children’s minds, especially if they can manipulate the object into different possibilities. Attach one of the Straws to a Connector and describe the Connector as the vertex of an angle. Attach another Straw to the opposite side of the Connector to make a 180 degree angle.


Next, align two Straws with the Connector at a 90 degree angle. Once you have made a 90 degree angle, demonstrate how to make a 45 degree angle by placing another Straw directly in the middle of the L.


These concepts will help children grasp how to make simple shapes with combinations of Straws and Connectors. Make squares, rectangles and triangles! You can even make circular objects!


Here, our Art Campers worked together to make their very own sculpture with bends and curves!


In another group, the Art Campers constructed a rectangular structure from the Straws and Connectors. They used dried painted Color Diffusing Paper that they had made previously with pipettes and watercolor paint to decorate the interior and exterior of the sculpture.


They consulted with each other how they would cover their sculpture with the Color Diffusing art and worked out a system of ‘waving’ the art through the Straws.


Watch the video above to see just why YOU need a box of these versatile construction materials!

Line-10Thanks for sticking around! We love to hear your feedback. If you’ve ever used Straws and Connectors and have photos of your structures, send us your pictures to get published in an upcoming post. Send to!