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Mother’s Day Picture Frames

Frame your favorite memory for Mother’s day! Age: 3+ Duration: 15 minutes (plus drying time) Learning Objectives: Practice literary skills while spelling out words with letter mosaics. Practice fine motor skills while gluing picture frame elements. Make a beautiful take-home craft. You’ll Need:  R22441 Economy Fun Frames R15632 Alphabet Pasting Piece R2143 Really Big Buttons… View more

Craft Spotlight: Straws and Connectors

Looking for a last-minute kids’ Christmas gift? Stimulate your children’s cognitive abilities with this perfect building kit. In this post, we’ll show you some ideas to make from Straws and Connectors! The Straws and Connectors come in 4 intriguing packages: • R60901 Straws and Connectors™ Creative Building Set (390 Straws, 315 Connectors) • R60990 Straws and Connectors™ Structure Pack… View more