Crafty Leaf Wreath

finished craft

This fabulous fall craft uses leaves that will never crumble away!

Is rain or snow keeping you indoors this fall? Did last year’s real leaf wreaths crumble to dust? Never fear, this exciting variation on a school craft staple will last almost forever!

Age: 5+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Create a beautiful take-home craft. Exercise fine motor skills.

You’ll Need:


step 1

This simple craft is quick but lots of fun! Start by cutting the center out of your paper plate. There are a couple of strategies to make this step easier. A parent or teacher can cut a slit in the middle of the plate with a craft knife to give kids access with scissors. Alternatively, a pen or sharpened pencil can be used to carefully bore a hole in the center of the plate. This will be the base for your wreath.

step 2

Once your base is cut out, pop out the die-cut leaves.

step 3

Once your leaves are popped out, you have a couple of options. Very young kids can simply use loops of tape to secure their leaves to their base. Challenge older students to add some dimension to their wreaths by gently curling and folding their leaves. This adds visual interest, and a realistic dimension!

step 4

Once your leaves are all secured, students can write their names on the back of the paper plate base so that they can take their wreaths home after they have been displayed in the classroom!

step 5


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