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Spooky Halloween Masks

Spooky Halloween Masks

Don’t stress about what to wear this Halloween… make spooky faces with our R52076 Folding Fun Masks! A bit of paint and our step by step instructions go a long way with these spooktacular masks! Age: 6+ Duration: 20-30 minutes You’ll Need: • R52076 Folding Fun Masks • Paint • Paintbrush • Paint tray (try our… View more

Loralee Lewis uses our Paper Doll Pads!

Loralee Lewis makes beautiful stationery for sale at her website here. Loralee’s experience with paper makes this Paper Doll Pad project an innovative craft for Thanksgiving! Celebrate diversity with fun paper doll characters for your Thanksgiving table! Loralee Lewis posted her craft on November 22, 2008, entitled: “Gathering Together Activity and Thanksgiving Kids’ Table.” She notes… View more

Thanksgiving Hat

Inspired by what our crafters at the Roylco Summer Art Camp made, here’s how to put together your unique Thanksgiving Hat! Use the R28421 Scissor Skills Paper for this craft.  Age: 4+ Duration: 15-20 minutes You’ll Need: • R28421 Scissor Skills Paper • R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates • Sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11″ (20 x… View more

Fall Leaves Mask

Beautiful masks are perfect for reigning in the autumn season! These flashy red, green and gold Masquerade Glasses are easy to make too! Try out our Craft Challenge below and send us photos of your work to get featured in a post. Find out your craft challenge below! Age: 4+ Duration: 10-15 minutes You’ll Need: • R15335… View more

Craft Spotlight: Fall Leaves Projects

We’re well into the autumn season, fast approaching winter! Lengthen the season’s stay with some bright and colorful autumn crafts for your classroom. Check out our spotlight below on our R15334 Crafty Leaves, R15335 Spring and Autumn Leaves and R15656 Autumn Paper Bits! Our autumn craft projects feature golden colors, patterns and natural die-cut leaf… View more