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Mix And Match Emotions Masks

Ages 4

Create countless combinations of emotions by combining the eyes with the mouths. Mix and Match Emotions Masks? are beautifully illustrated in a range of skin tones. Children will use the masks to learn how to identify and express emotions. This is also a great teaching tool for teaching special needs students to understand empathy. Printed on plastic for years of use. 4 x 8″ (10 x 20 cm). Includes teacher guide. 30 emotions masks.

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Explore your feelings and emotions with these beautifully illustrated faces in a variety of skin tones. Learn how to recognize the way others might be feeling, even without using words. By combining the different images of eyes and mouths, you can teach your students the power of empathy. Students with special needs may find that the Mix and Match Emotion Masks give them an opportunity to learn new communication skills by practicing interactions. Each colorful mask represents a wide variety of feelings, such as surprise, anger, fear, sadness, giggles, joy and more.

Includes: 30 masks, 4 x 8” (10 x 20 cm), and guide.

Item #: R4959     Age: 4     Made in Canada