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Alphabet Match & Rub Set

Introduce arts and crafts to the practice of learning letterforms. These clear plates allow for a variety of mediums to activate the imagination so that learning to write the letters of the alphabet becomes a playful activity. There is a plate for every letter, with upper and lowercases, as well as a corresponding picture (Apple, Balloon, etc.) for learning to match the sounds. Students can create their own unique artworks and get inspired about beginning the lifelong journey of reading and writing.

Features:  27 alphabet and picture rubbing plates, 3.5“ x 4.125” (9 x 10.5 cm)   • 2 match & rub plastic trays

Item #: R48232   Age: 4+   Made in USA




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Match the image to the initial letter sounds. Includes: 52 rubbing plates, 3½ x 4” (9 x 10 cm) and guide. Original Copy: Heavy-duty plastic trays and rubbing plates are a vital and durable tool for any early education through First Grade level class. These easy-to-use rubbing plates include letters and illustrations for a truly hands-on learning experience. Using this Alphabet Match & Tub Set children have open-ended play opportunities with capital and lower case letters, as well as, with initial letter sounds, including long, short, hard and soft letters. While they play they are also engaging in sensory and motor learning. Includes 52 rubbing plates, 2 match & rub trays and teacher resource guide.