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Introduce students to the basics of color with a beautiful classroom display. Put together and decorate a jumbo flower in six primary and secondary colors. Heighten the sensory experience by using the collage materials represented by basic geometric shapes. Simply peel off the white paper from the petals to reveal the sticky surface underneath! Try matching colors or asking students to place contrasting or complementary colored collage materials on the petals. Proudly display on windows, bulletin boards and walls. Especially great for teacher-parent night. 

Includes: Enough materials to make 2 large displays, 12 die-cut petals, 11¾ x 8¾” (30 x 20 cm), 12 die-cut leaves, 2 die-cut centers, 60 fabric triangles, tissue paper squares, 96 pop up flowers, 160 First Color Tiles, 160 Big Gems Pasting Pieces and guide


 Item #: R15680     Age: 2     Made in USA