Pirate Paper


Ahoy, matey! We’ve dug up a collection of giant, pirate-themed craft papers to keep you busy through all your creative voyages. 4 double-sided sheets with 8 designs measure 17”w x 11”h (43×28 cm), giving you plenty of space for placemats, journal covers, invitations, treasure maps, pirate paper crafts and more! Perfect for outfitting pirate parties of any age group. Use full-size sheets for posters and playbills or roll into scrolls for dramatic props. Trim and cut for crafts and scrapbooks. The ocean and nautical designs will be a perfect complement to all your summer and beach-themed craft ideas!

32 double-sided sheets, 17″x 11″” (43 x 28 cm)  4 double sided designs (different one on each side).  Acid-free

Item #: R15430                Age 4+                 Made in USA



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