Letter Vests


Wear upper and lower case letters to line up in ABC order. Work cooperatively to form words and families. Vests are brightly printed, laminated and color coded to indicate vowels and consonants.

Features: • 32 vests, 8.5” x 25” (22 x 64 cm)   • Meets Common Core Standards   • Duplicates of a, e, l, n, o and s.  • Teaching guide

Item #: R4960     Age: 4+     Made in Canada


For real alphabet fun, why not wear it! These extremely durable letter vests will have children spelling, moving and interacting. Each vest is double sided with upper and lower case letters. They will stand up to wear and tear due to the coated material they are made from. Vowels are red while consonants are blue. the set contains 32 vests for more flexibility when creating words. An great activity guide is included containing a wonderful list of word families.

32 vests, 8.5 x 25″ (22 x 64 cm), Meets Common Core Standards, Duplicates of a, e, l, n, o and s. Teaching guide

Item #: R4960
Age: 4
Made in Canada

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1 Guide
2 Word Families
3 Sight Words

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O and S for more spelling options. Printed on tough


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