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Let’s Make a Pot Of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

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Rainbow Paper

Children are fascinated by rainbows in nature. Bring that fascination into the classroom with this dynamic paper! Use the 8 different rainbow designs to decorate your classrooms with rainbow-bright paper chains or decorate hats and masks. Encourage creative writing by asking students to write poems about natural phenomena using this bright paper as stationery. Integrate art and science by talking about the scientific processes that cause rainbows.

Includes: 32 sheets, 8½ x 11" (21.5 x 28 cm) sheets and guide

Item #: R15295          Made in USA

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Economy Metallic Paper

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Are you looking for craft ideas for St. Patrick’s Day? Create some decorations to make the house and classroom more festive. Lets make a spiral rainbow and pot of gold.

Age: 4

Duration: 5 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. holiday activities. Makes a perfect take-home craft.

You’ll Need:

Choose your favorite pattern from Roylco’s R15295 Rainbow Paper Pack.

Draw a spiral at the back of the paper.

You can also glue two pieces of rainbow paper together to create a double-sided sprital.


Use scissors to cut from the end of the outline toward the center to make a spiral.


Take two pieces of metallic paper from Roylco’s R15409 Economy Metallic Paper Pack.

I choose dark green paper to make the pot, and the gold colored paper for the golden coins. Draw the shape of a pot at the back of the green paper, and cut it out. Make the coins by cutting out some circle shapes from the gold paper. Then glue the golden coins on to the green pot.

After you finish making a pot of gold, you can glue it to the end of the rainbow.  Once complete, hang from ceilings, on bulletin boards or anywhere that could use some extra color.


You are the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow!

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