Felt Fun: Learn My Shapes & Colors


Graduate through learning colors and shapes by introducing activity! Young minds can match the colors and shapes of provided cue cards before advancing to matching both color and shape together. Once your child has mastered those skills, they can move on to the sequence cards that depict small, medium, and large shapes to teach basic patterning. This kit also provides all the necessary ingredients to create colorful tangram-style shapes and pictures.

This product promotes:

  • Color learning
  • Shape learning
  • Color & shape combinations
  • Basic sequencing


This set features:

  • 1 large flannel board base (13”x9”, 33x23cm)
  • 6 large shapes in 6 different colors (4”, 10 cm; 36 total)
  • 6 medium shapes in 6 different colors (3”, 8cm; 36 total)
  • 6 small shapes in 6 different colors (2”, 5cm; 36 total)
  • 18 color, shape, and sequence cards (4”x6”, 10x15cm)


Item #: R17105
Made in the USA
Age: 2+
Material: felt, card stock

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This product is independently tested to ensure a safe play & learn experience.


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