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Create a Craft Circle Giraffe! – Test Bundled Product




This adorable critter is simple and fun to make!


Duration:?10 Minutes

Learning Outcomes:?Exercise fine motor skills. Practice composing figures out of geometric shapes. Create adorable animal crafts.

You?ll Need:


  1. Decide what kind of animal you want to make. We chose to make a giraffe!
  2. Using the double color card sheets. draw an outline of the giraffe?s head and neck. Cut out the outline. Use washable markers to add eyes, a mouth and spots!
  3. Choose a craft circle to be the body of your giraffe. Fold the craft circle in half.
  4. Glue the head and neck to the back of your folded craft circle.
  5. To make the legs of your giraffe, cut four equal lengths of brown yarn.
  6. Tape one end of each piece of yarn to the INSIDE of the folded craft circle.
  7. Cut four squares out of brown card. These will be your giraffe?s hooves. Tape each square to the loose end of the yarn legs.
  8. Use a smaller length of yarn as the tail. Tape the tail to the inside of your half circle, near the crease.
  9. Using your glue stick, glue your half circle closed. This will make the giraffe look neat, and prevent flapping in the breeze if you decide to transform your giraffe into a puppet.


  • Use Popsicle sticks to turn your animal into a puppet! Use a Popsicle stick for the body, and additional ones on any legs you want to be able to move.


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