Special Crafts

   Create a Special Valentine

Unique Color Diffusing Paper in the shape of a heart is the foundation of this Valentine!  Simply sprinkle or spray liquid watercolor or food color on the heart shape and watch – the colors will mix and mingle to create a one-of-a-kind pattern.  For additional design, use crayon to decorate your heart before spraying.

  • Send a hidden note to your Valentine! Using a white crayon, draft a secret message on your Color Diffusing Paper Heart.  Instruct your Valentine to sprinkle or spray the heart with watercolor and your message will appear like magic!


   100 Days of School

It’s time to celebrate 100 days of SUCCESS in your classroom!  Roylco’s 100 Days of School Fingerpaint Paper (R75423) is the base for a great craft using things you already have on hand.  The paper is packaged with 24 fingerpaint sheets, and can be decorated with paint or markers.  Consider adding glitter, or these additional accessories found at www.roylcostore.com

  • Paper Popz (R15648) or Paper Circle Popz (R15653)
  • Felt Shapes (R2138) – in lots of colors, shapes and sizes
  • Colored Alpha Noodles (R2112)
  • Colored Rice (R2114)
  • Double Color Mosaic Squares (R15630) – browse our other mosaic options!
  • Bright Buttons (R2131) in a variety of colors and shapes
  • Art-A-Roni (R2111)
Our Roylco products, your imagination, and a little glue offer endless possibilities!



Gingerbread Craft (it’s bake-less and calorie free!)

Everyone loves a Gingerbread Man, but most of us don’t need any more sweets this holiday season.  Pages from Roylco’s Paper Doll Pad (R51448) can be decorated as a gingerbread man using simple accessories you might have on hand.  Perfect for children at home or in the classroom!

Things you’ll need:

  • Roylco Paper Doll Pad (R51448)
  • Decorating Accessories! (A list of GREAT Roylco options are listed here.  Find more at www.roylcostore.com)
  • Roylco wax string (contact us for information)
  • Bright Buttons (R2131, R2132, R20205) in a variety of colors and shapes, available in ½ lb, 1 lb, or 2 lb packages
  • Art-A-Roni (R2111) for bowties, cuffs, and other trimmings
  • Felt Shapes (R2138) – in lots of colors, shapes and sizes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glue

Simply choose the skin tone of your gingerbread man from 8 options, and get creative!  Our Roylco products, your imagination, and a little glue offer endless possibilities.


        Simple Holiday Ornaments


Festive Holiday Decorations are easy to make with Roylco’s 3D Ornaments!  Simply paint or color the paper ornaments.  Add beads, buttons, or other decorations and loop a ribbon or string to hang the ornaments from the tree, in the window, from the chandelier, or anywhere you choose to add a jolly holiday touch!

   Sockles Snowman

Roylco’s Sockles (R22004) can be transformed into a whimsical snowman.  With just a few accessories, our crafty socks can tell the tale of Frosty the Snowman… a jolly happy soul!

Things you’ll need:

  • Roylco Sockles (R22004)
  • Dry Rice
  • Rubber bands
  • Glue
  • Decorating Accessories! (a list of GREAT Roylco options are listed here.  Find more at www.roylcostore.com)
    • Art Start Kit (R2604) contains most everything you need! Pompoms, Bright Buttons, Wiggly Eyes, Chenille Stems, Paper Pops, and Feathers
    • Sock Puppet Accessory Pack (R22008) includes Bright Buttons, Big Buttons, Plastic Lacing Needles, Felt Hair Pieces, Felt Tongues, and Felt Ears
    • Super Value Building Beads (R20201) – big bright beads in bold colors and different shapes
    • Brilliant Beads (R2170) – 100 beads in bold colors and fun shapes
    • Little Shape Beads (R2195) – Smaller beads perfect for the Sockle.
    • Bright Buttons (R2131, R2132, R20205) a variety of colors and shapes, available in ½ lb, 1 lb, or 2 lb packages
    • Really Big Buttons (R2143, R2145, R2153) – BIG buttons, perfect for your snowman’s hat!
    • Felt Shapes (R2138) – in lots of colors, shapes and sizes

What to do:

  • Fill the toe of your sockle with dry rice, and secure the bundle of rice in a ball with a rubber band to create the head (the top) of your snowman
  • Make the mid-section with a little more rice this time, and another rubber band
  • One more time, and you’ve made the base of your snowman! Secure with a third rubber band and turn him (or her) upside down.  The rice will settle, allowing the snowman to stand.

You are ready to give your snowman a personality!  Decorating options are only limited by your imagination.  Our Roylco products, and a little glue, offer endless possibilities!







  Thanksgiving Turkey!


This fun Thanksgiving craft idea is easy with Roylco’s Bunting Banners as the base for your turkey feathers!   Things you’ll need:

  What to do:

  • Paint your Bunting Banner:
    • Bottom quarter of the banner in brown
    • Next quarter of the banner in red
    • Next quarter of the banner in orange
    • Top quarter of the banner in yellow
  • While the banner is drying, use scissors and colored paper to cut out simple shapes for the head and body, the beak, the eyes, and the comb.
  • Fold the painted bunting banner along the creases, like a fan, and glue along the center line (the yellow edge). The bunting banner includes a guide that makes this step simple!
  • Add your brown turkey body to the fan with glue, and decorate his face by gluing a beak, eyes, and his turkey comb. Give him a fun expression!

  Your turkey is the perfect Thanksgiving decoration for the classroom, the dining room, or a trip to Grandma’s house!






  Sensational Snowflakes!

It’s easy to make and decorate these paper maché snowflakes with your children, and incorporate them into your winter home décor. The kids will have fun, and so will you!

Things you’ll need:

Roylco Snowflakes Rubbing Plates (R48234)
• Glue
• Water
• Tissue Paper
• Small Foam Paintbrush
• Scissors or Craft Knife
• Acrylic Paint
• Glitter

Create your snowflake:

• Tape a rubbing plate to your work surface with the raised side facing down.
• Mix your paste: 3 T white glue with ½ cup of warm water in a small bowl.
• Cut tissue paper into 7 - 8 inch squares. No need for perfection!
• Dip a paper square into the paste mix and let excess paste drip back into the bowl.
• Lay the wet sheet over the surface of the rubbing plate and gently press the tissue paper into the rubbing plate design with the foam brush. Press away, you’ll want to fill all the embossed edges with the tissue paper.
• Keep going! Add 3 to 5 more layers of paper / paste mix, pressing the tissue into the design.
• Let it go, let it go… Put your snowflake design in a warm dry place overnight.
• Once dry, gently peel away the tissue paper art, working your fingers gently under the edges around the rubbing plate.
• Use scissors or a craft knife to cut around the edges of the snowflake. If you carefully pressed the tissue paper into the embossed edges you will clearly see the design.
• Add white acrylic paint to a small bowl and mix in a drop of blue. Keep adding blue until you have the color you like! Paint the snowflake and set aside to dry. Once dry, embellish your snowflake! Silver or gold acrylic paint with a little glitter will dress up the details.

Hang your snowflakes high! They also make great center pieces for the dinner table. We show them nestled in a holiday basket with pine cones. They look elegant affixed to a window and cool down the atmosphere when you place them over the fireplace mantle.